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All you need is Love. God is Love. Love is the greatest commandment. Perhaps we can look at the power of his love as something faster than the speed of light, more powerful than the big bang and able to transform anything by using the word Almighty.

God is all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, able to be everywhere, perfect and well beyond our comprehension. Since God loved us first, we ought to love him back in return! He died for our salvation; so that we all could be happy with him forever.

"I am the good shepherd..."

"There will be a time when the lion will lay down with the lamb and the world will be at peace."


How To Be A Human Being

* Know yourself, and that the body, mind, and soul are one.
* Be One with God, and you will be one with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Holistics is a way of seeing everything as a whole. Religious education helps one integrate the body, mind and soul closer with God into a spiritual union with him.

Religion leads us all to God. This is the lesson that all the mystics* teach us. When we experience union with God his "Holy Presence"* is fealt within our soul. This is what it means to be truly human and truly alive. Some new age teachings draw from the eastern religions to express a belief like Unity Consciousness* They attempt to be holistic by teaching that we can become united to the source; yet we still need our Lord Jesus Christ to be saved.

Jesus revealed the Law of Love, and taught us how to live the the true way of life. He did not write down his teaching; but there were many who did, and we can study all the sacred scriptures that guide our hearts, and minds to him. The
"Synoptic Gospels"* tell us what we need to know to be saved.
"Happy are those who hear His words and follow Him!"

From the beginning, God has revealed himself to us in all that he has done. The bible is filled with stories about our relationship with him. There are many
Resources * on the Internet that can help us learn more about religion, revelation, and sacred scripture. All these teachings, and the religions of the world come together in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

We were taught the Law of Love before we knew anything about life. These lessons are written in a book called the
Catechism * The way of love began with God as it was written in the bible. Through the love of countless generations of life, and through the love of our parents; we were born.

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