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There are various aspects of life that help us learn more about reality


by Phil Cutrara


There are various aspects of life that help us learn more about reality. Although we can never know everything, because we are not everywhere, nor know what everyone is doing, we can have an idea at what is happening by guessing or attempting to fill in the gaps of our knowledge. Everyone therefore is ignorant of the whole truth.


Our legal system has basic principles upon which it is built. All the other aspects of life also have a set of principles upon which it operates. In the area of education, everything is categorized under the subjects of Arts and Sciences. These are the main types of Degrees a student can obtain from college at the undergraduate level.


Human beings can be studied from various aspects, yet none of them is complete. Some of the categories or subjects or perspectives of study are physical, biological, social, economical, educational, political, scientific, technological, behavioral, psychological, theological, philosophical, financial, mathematical and so on aspects of life.


Each person lacks the knowledge, possessions, emotions, energy, and ability to do everything. Life can be divided into various aspects of study, so that we can make some sense out of life and not live a life without meaning. It is not enough to have possessions, or any other thing you feel that you need. The ultimate concern of man is to know himself. Where is he going and what ought he do to achieve that goal?


The truth of reality is made simple, because God wants us all to be happy. God is love and his love can help us enjoy the good life. Without God, we are nothing. Jesus Christ came to earth to show us how to live simply. He also died for us to save us from all our sins or misunderstandings and objections to the design of life.


Once we know that we are loved, we can be happy. Once we are happy, we can enjoy the good life and work with God to make the world a better place. The church teaches us how to be a good Christian. We should study the Bible every day until it becomes part of our being.


In this way, we can do the things that Jesus did, because God will bless us. The teachings of our Lord are easy to understand, when we study the Catechism of the church. Religious education is based upon course material for every age and nationality. Everyone can learn about the love God has for us.


Those who do not know God can never be happy. They will spend their life looking for something but they will never find it. They will try to make sense out of life but will never understand it. They will search for happiness in all the wrong places and aimless look all over the world for something that is hidden to them, because they never heard about God or will not believe in him.


There are many evil people, who seek to control the lost souls. They spend all their time trying to enslave you. They want to make you their possession; so that they can do nothing and let you do all the work and they can receive all the benefit of your labor. They attempt to control you by gaining power over you through one of the aspects of life. They are like drug dealers who give out free samples to get you addicted and enslaved to their product.


The life of a Christian is not without difficulty. There are evil people everywhere who want to control them. However, the Christian has nothing to fear, if he continues to live the good life. All the various aspects of life come together, once you know the truth that the church teaches about God. The church will never die, because the people of God are the church. God and his people are united in faith and God endures forever. All the gaps in reality become meaningless once the knowledge of God fills our hearts.


We do not need to fear what we may feel that we have missed, because we know about God?s love for us. It does not matter if others do not say hello back to you, as long as you do not fall into their problem of not being a cheerful person. Our Lord taught us to love our neighbor as we love our self. We ought to treat others, as we would like to be treated. In other words, we should like to be treated as our Lord treated everyone he met. In addition, since we follow him, we ought to do what is right. Customs are more than good manners and culture is more than a mode of living or a way of life. Ethics and morality are nothing without the knowledge of God and knowing all about his love for us.


The life of a Christian is built around the stages of life and all the sacraments that our Lord instituted. We know these things because the church teaches them to us, and we understand how our Lord made them and why we need them to grow in the faith by studying the Catechism of the Church.


In that way, we come to learn the truth and the freedom that we gain allows our life to become fulfilled. ?Happy the person who delights in the law of our Lord, for he meditates upon it day and night.? We distinguish life to allow it to become easier to understand. When everything becomes more united, it makes more sense to us. Our goal is to become closer to God, who knows all things and he will give us everything that we need.

Trust in God and fear no evil! God is the one true reality of life. Never forget to grow in the Spirit and to love God with all of your heart.