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Mind: The Mental Aspect
MIND: The Mental Aspect

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    Everyone is blessed with countless gifts and talents. Yet, most of us try to develop only a few of them to help us succeed in life and be “wealthy, famous, powerful or desirable.” But will any of these make us happy, or truly successful or fulfilled?

    Our teacher taught us how to be truly happy. We need to know him better and work with him to make ourselves truly happy and in the meantime, we will make the whole world a better place, and transform all of creation.

    He tells us that many of us seek knowledge, to gain understanding, to gain wisdom to have the “good life.” But, a better world will not come through more money, fame, strength, or beauty! It will come through the other gifts like: counsel, justice, prudence, fortitude and reverence. Our blessings are more than we will ever know; because Jesus gave us everything, so that we might all enjoy the one true life.

    You have heard that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Your mind is more that anyone will ever know. Your brain helps your mind develop, yet it needs education, experience, culture, and something extra to fully become intelligent. We can not fully determine what this is beyond what the church teaches us. A good person has a good conscience and is a good citizen. Each person is the master of his own fate, and he is the one that fashions himself into what he wants to become. Yet, he has to have a model in mind to know what he wants to be.

    Everyone has a culture that has its own ideals, and most cultures profess a belief in God, and everyone there tells their members to pray to God to become a good person. The word good even looks like the word God; however there are many books in the Bible and Sacred Scriptures of the world that tell us about false gods.

    Life is filled with difficulties that can lead us astray from the goal of living the one true life. The Bible tells us about the battle for good and evil. We need to be concern with them, almost as much as the battle for our own immortal soul.

    Our mind will help us become better, once we discover all the talents we have, and once we learn how to get them all work together, and working most affectively. The greatest gift is of course our Lord’s gift to us. He said “I have come so that you can have life and have life more abundantly!”

    He sent the Holy Spirit to us to be our guide to our goal, and so that the Holy Spirit will give us all of his gifts to be better able to be good, and to help him make a better world and a new creation!

    "Socrates was the wisest man because he knew that he knew nothing!"

    Moses, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinus

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