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Hello PACC members:

Some of the special interests members of the Pittsburgh Area Computer Club have are: learning how to find out information on the Internet, how to interface their computer with their home and office, how to make money with a special unique web site, where can they learn more about computers and application software, where can they learn how to program, other interests are: digital photo processing, digital movie making, peer to peer sharing, making music, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology.

Most of these projects I regularly update on my computer. Some of my special interests are: "holistics," herbs, natural healing, alternative health, Information Technology, religious education, and computer animation.

If there are other Special Interests you have please let me know. Respond in person or by e-mail by entering in the Subject box with "Re: PACC Special Interests." Any two or more members can start a special interest group in our club.

I have requested an e-mail update for the members of the club, and some more support for the clubís library.

If you see an incorrect e-mail listed or a member not listed send corrections to Re: PACC e-mail update.

If you have any shareware CDs that you find interesting make a copy of it for the members of the club, and give me a copy of it to enter it into the club's library, so that we can share it with others.

If you would like to help the club duplicate PACC TALK CDís let me know respond with Re: PACC TALK duplication.

There are 4 CDs that we are now duplicating. We need at least 5 copies of each CD. PACC TALK CD 1 covers years 1977-1986 and PACC TALK CD 2 covers 1985-1991. DVD 3 covers 1993-1999.

If you would like to help us scan PACC TALK newsletters or with the library, please let me know respond with: Re: PACC TALK Scanning, and we will help you get a full set of the PACC TALK years you would like to scan for this project.

Happy Computing, Phil Cutrara

N.B,: You can reach me at:

My "Holistics" Blog