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Hello Fellow PACC Member:

Information technology involves the total transformation of society. Any transformation is largely a sharing of information, skills, and enthusiasm for life with others that makes it work. When each individual constantly asks “What can I now do to improve,” the whole world becomes transformed!

Most of us see how the world needs to change. Yet we need to look at ourselves to see how much we improve each day, to accomplish this vital task. It is in knowing the right thing to do, and be willing to do it no matter what the effort is to do it that matters.

If it is in being accommodating to every special interest that makes the society outstanding and fantastic, then it is in willing to work with every member, and allowing every member to accomplish something that benefits the whole group.

Once again we have the opportunity to help PACC improve; just by doing some little part in making the club work well. There is a need to follow the proven methods of the past. We need to allow the members to help with the work, and allow the members to enjoy the accomplishments of our effort.

First of all we need to know who are our members and what can they do to make PACC better. The Bylaws remind us how the club should be run, and our common sense tells us how people work together best in a group.

We have seen how successful teams win the super bowl, and how great families become successful. We have learned by experiencing the right, and the wrong way to do things at an early age with our siblings, our classmates, our teammates and other members of the group. Yet the only way we can grow is by using that valuable knowledge to transform ourselves.

The Second thing we must do is to share our knowledge with the rest of the community. You may not realize how much you know about computers, the Internet, and all the things associated with Information Technology; but if you understand anything about the fantastic creation you are, then how much more so is a group of well informed individuals, and how much more can a well informed group help the rest of the community prosper!

Equally important is publishing the records of the club. It is having a written record of all its financial transactions, donations, and gifts that have transpired which is economically mandatory. It is doing the work that needs to be done and having the members do what they pledged to do that matters. If a member can not do his or her part, then another member needs to “take up the slack” for that person in order for the club to survive. No leader can do the work while being away from it. If a leader is going to be absent, then all the members need to know that information, and the club needs to be able to communicate with others to be able to help out, and to keep the club well.

Once again I will run for office, and hope others will join with me in doing their part in the club. It is not right for only a few to run the club, because it takes a total team effort for us to be successful. Not many people in the Pittsburgh area know that we still exist, and I will still make the effort to see what we can do to make the difference.

Not many of you know that I was president of PACC for several years, on the club’s board of directors most of my time during the club’s existence, and a Special Interest Group leader since the club began. I usually bring my computer to the meetings, and keep informed about the latest things that happen in the computer industry.

I have been a computer consultant, since I first learned about them in electric shop long ago. I joined with other national club consultants to form a national group offering our services at an affordable rate to over a hundred area stores, and clients around Pittsburgh, and much more as a group across the country.

I am now retired; but not done sharing all that I have learned with others. Let me know what part you can do to help the club by doing office work, in the field doing community work, with the club doing communication, programming, or education work with its members, or doing helpline work sharing information with those who call.

There are many other ways everyone can help, and there is no reason why we can not all enjoy our improved future together. Please leave me some e-mail now, and just say “Hello Phil, I would like to help the club!”

I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Happy Computing,

Phil Cutrara

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