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Physical Aspect

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  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Astronomy: Space Images
  • Be Healthy Free
  • Academic Sites
  • Intelligent Health
  • Dr.John Christopher
  • Dr. Richard Schulze
  • Dr. C. Everett Koop
  • American Family Physician  

    Physical, Mental, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being for Total Health

    (Phil at the Philippine Islands, 1967)
    "I saw a lot of beautiful schools of fish here, one in particular was colored with red, white and blue stripes."

    The ingredients to total health are:

    1). Good food from the five healthy food groups, pure water and clean air.

    2). An affective exercise program, and aerobic activity for the season: cycling, swimming, hiking, basketball, and other sports.

    3). Proper rest, forms of relaxation, meditation, contemplation, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and motivational study.

    HOLISTICS: Body-Mind-Soul (Vital Energy)-Spirit (One with God)

  • BODY-Peak Conditioning
  • BODY-Dietary Reference Intakes
  • BODY-Rodale's Bookshelf Library
  • BODY-Healthy Heart
  • BODY-Exercise Your Heart
  • BODY-Body Building
  • BODY-390 Exercises
  • MIND-Be Mentally Alert (Read Good Books)
  • MIND-Meet Someone Special (Preparing for a Date)
  • SOUL-Vital Energy
  • SPIRIT-Mystical Body